Shawn Parker
Executive Director, Sheridan Travel & Tourism

http://estampadosyoxidantes.com/14-x-3-red/ Shawn Parker is studying to become a wilderness survival expert in the same tradition as Paul Bunyan, though his beard has yet to mature, and blue ox are less common than they once were. His graduate thesis is titled “Grizzly Wrestling, Turtle Surfing, and the Art of Moose Poop Chandling.” To make ends meet, Shawn moonlights as the Executive Director of Sheridan Travel & Tourism. Formerly a journalist, Shawn’s work has been published by Afar, Outside Magazine, Lonely Planet, Conde Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, USA Today, GQ Magazine, Reader’s Digest, American Cowboy, and more. Shawn was the 2016 Society of American Travel Writers Photographer of the Year, and 2017 Portrait and Action Photographer of the year. Shawn was once cast for an episode of Naked and Afraid, but felt that he did not own attire appropriate enough to participate.